Early Bird Resume Business 5 Week Training Program

Early Bird Resume Business 5 Week Training Program

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This isn't JUST a course that will teach you to write a resume. I know that if you came this far you have the English skills to put one together with a little guidence. This is a six week program that will teach you how to take your English skills to the next level and actually start making $$$ from it. I'll show you step by step over the 6 weeks how to:

Create a sales page that sells.

Where to find your customers ( including how I filled my client list in my first week of operation).

How to screen customers to make sure they are the right fit.

How to price your services.

How to write the resume (with actual templates to make it a super fast and easy process).

What to outsource and how to find the right staff for you.

How to package your products and the number one service that you can add-on to double your profits (Nope - it's not a cover letter).

Plus I'll provide you with my own content, templates and samples so you have everything you need to halve your resume writing time. 

The training goes for 5 weeks but in week 3 we go live and actually get your business out there!