DIY Administration Resume Package

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4 X Snappy Templates : simply copy and paste your information into your choice of attractive, modern resume templates guaranteed to get the employers attention. Easy Peasy.

6 X Professional Profiles: these are ready to go, command attention and are super easy to copy and paste into the template of your choice. Use these to create an administration resume that sells.

2 X Pages of Administration Skills: the box contains over (2) pages of ready to go skills sets – ready to copy and paste into the designated spot on your template.

50 X Job Descriptions:  I’ve included job descriptions to cover all things administration from Office Management Resumes through to Executive Assistant Resumes and beyond. Just choose the description which best matches your experience and past it in.

1X Achievement Questionnaire:  This questionnaire asks all the right questions so you can fill it in, pinpoint your achievements and sell your resume to the employer.

1 X Instructional Video: Your DIY Resume Box wouldn’t be complete without step by step instructions. Follow along the quick tutorial video and have your new administration resume ready in an hour or less.

3X Resume Samples: Included is (3) sample resumes so you can see exactly what the finished product should look like.