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I'm Nic and I've written professional resume's for 8+ years now. Can I ask you a few questions?

Do you want more interviews? 

Do you want to switch careers to something different?

Do you want a promotion or to make more $$$?

Were you told you need a better resume?

Are you worried your current resume lacks style, has the wrong wording or isn't enough to attract the employers attention?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of those questions - I have a special surprise for you that I'll get to in a moment. 

When it comes to getting more interviews, it's something I'm an expert at.

Just recently I worked with a guy who had been made redundant and desperately needed a new job but his old resume wasn't getting him many hits. He told me the last time he looked for a job he was unemployed for 3 months - despite applying for everything that was advertised AND driving around and physically handling his resume in at places.

After a review of his existing resume and a quick chat, I created a new resume from scratch . He had so many phone calls for interviews after he sent it out that he literally set up a home office just to respond to the calls, schedule his interviews  and keep track of all his offers. Two weeks after he started work, he called to tell me that his pay-packet had doubled anything he had previously made.

He jumped from a job that paid $38,000  to over $100,000. 

Have you been out of the resume writing game for some time?

Do you know how much of your work history you should include?

Do you know how to put your resume in a professional design that gets noticed?

Let me help! All you need to do is reply with a copy of your old or existing resume (or ask for an intake form and we can work from scratch) and I'll tell you what you need to do to get more interviews and make more money in the process. 

Sound good?

You are reading this for a reason. I know you want to move forward this year and make it your best year yet.

Here's what Sally wrote in about how I helped her.

"I want to let you know that I got a call for an interview I applied for the other day. The employer informed me that over 140 resumes were received and they chose 6 resumes for interviews. Thanks so much for your magic resumes."

And I repeated the process for Tammy.

"I just wanted to let you know that after three months of no interviews, within 24 hours of sending out my NEW resume and cover letter, I have an interview!"  

Can I ask you another question?

A: How will you feel if you are still stuck in the same work situation in 3 months or 3 years?


B: How will you feel to have employers ringing your phone off the hook wanting to meet with you?

Let me help you get to option B.

My process is super simple - just reply to this email with a copy of your old resume and I'll get back to you within 1 business day and let you know how to take it to the next level.

And if I think your resume is perfect as is - I'll let you know that too. 


Feel free to give me a call on 0439 160 982 anytime. 

To Your Success


PS: Remember how I had a special offer for you? I'm running a special deal at the moment on all my Designer Resume Packages. 


Price Includes:  

  • Designer Resume
  • Phone Support  
  • Cover Letter
  • 'Get The Job You Love Boot-Camp' Online Course 
  • Online Career Sample Bag 
  • Ebook 'Get The Job You Love' 
  • Ebook 'Selection Criteria Examples' 
  • Set of 'fill in the blank' Selection Criteria Templates 
  • Online Selection Criteria Writing Course

*****I'd love to help you too. Email me back with your resume and let me help you get the job you want today.